Dorset Resident Has Problem with Rats

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A local householder from Wimborne, Dorset was concerned when she heard noises coming from her ceiling during the night. MBC were called to investigate the problem and came up with the solution.

Upon investigation it was found that the roof had an infestation of Rats, other areas of the extensive property were suffering also. Due to the amount of activity noted, a baiting program was initiated immediately in the roof space and the surrounding out buildings, the rodents had found their way into the property via a central vacuum system which was installed in the garage, and they had chewed through the main ducting containing pipe work under ground. We were concerned that rodents could die in the cavities and create smells; fortunately this was not the case as most of the bodies were found externally in the grounds and outbuildings. It took about 3 weeks to eradicate the problem totally. MBC technicians then removed the old vacuum system and blocked off the entry points with concrete and expanding foam. The loft insulation was removed and an insecticide treatment applied before the new insulation was laid.

Due to the location of the country house an ongoing pest prevention plan was put into action and the client will receive 6 routine inspections and monitoring per year.

The client left this review on Checkatrade.
“Eradication of rats in house and outbuilding Prompt and efficient service, polite and courteous at all times, always kept fully informed, very pleased, highly recommend. 10 10 10 10.”

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