Insects or invertebrates create an interesting group of pests which can be challenging to the pest controller there are literally thousands of different species that form two main types, crawling or flying insects, although general control methods apply to most species many require specialist techniques to control, eradicate and manage. They are then divided into other categories, for example those that are common to public health and hygiene or associated with stored products, and then the group that are commonly found in domestic situations such as ants, wasps, fleas and bed bugs. Insects can infest rapidly and once established are difficult to treat often requiring multiple visits and applications to fully bring under control or eradicate.

MBC Bird and Pest technicians are all trained and have BPCA or an RSPH qualification which means they are fully qualified and have gained the experience to identify the insect, fully knowledgeable enough to be able to recommend and apply the correct course of treatments thus ensuring that your problem will be dealt with expertly and as swiftly as possible by our highly skilled technicians.

An insect infestation can be quite distressing. Many insects, such as fleas and bed bugs, are biting parasitic insects and can leave you with an irritating reaction if bitten or in some cases an allergic reaction. If left unchecked, an insect infestation will spread rapidly, leading to unsanitary living conditions.

We cover every type of insect problem that you may encounter whether it’s in a commercial premises or a residential situation.

MBC Bird and Pest offers a free no obligation survey to determine the most suitable pest control method for each individual problem. Surveys for insects often need to be methodically carried out and marked on plans with field notes made at the time, particular attention is paid to the source of infestation and the high risk areas our technicians rely on their knowledge and experience to determine what these are.

Pest Prevention Tips

  • Do not leave foodstuffs lying around
  • Always clean up and exercise good housekeeping
  • Have a good monitoring system in place and check regularly
  • Stock rotation of infest prone goods and stock
  • Seal and proof cracks and harbourage areas
  • Report any signs of insects immediately

What are the signs of infestation?

  • Visual sightings of insects is helpful
  • Damage- signs of nibbling
  • Marks on packaging or paper
  • Empty Pupae cases or cast larval skins
  • Webbing or dust trails
  • Bites in the case of fleas, mites and bed bugs

What do I do next?

If in doubt as to the problem then seek professional advice, we can identify the problem and provide a recommendation or solution quickly, followed by a quotation, generally we endeavour to start your treatments immediately enabling you to get to the source of the infestation and eradicate in minimal time thus preventing spread to other areas.

What Insects does this include?

We cover all insects however as there are so many to list, we mention only the most common ones which affect the workplace, hotels, offices, warehouses, businesses and residential premises:

If you have a problem concerning any unlisted insect please give us a call as we are able to treat any insect or invertebrate in any situation.

Typical areas covered

We cover:

  • Caravan Parks
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Kitchens
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Marinas

If your business is not listed, give us a call our services cover all premises either business or residential.

Why MBC Bird and Pest Solutions

Because our skilled, trained and certificated technicians are able to carry out free surveys and recommend the course of treatment applicable to your particular problem, and then…

  • Provide a time and date of treatment
  • Guarantee our treatments
  • Attend call outs usually within 2 hours
  • Have access to field biologists

It makes sense to use a one call pest control option to enable you to deal quickly with the problem. Knowing that it is being administered professionally, all treatments are in accordance with BPCA guidelines and BPCA level 2 certificated.

For a free survey and no obligation quote, whether it is for a one off treatment or a service agreement call us as your first choice on 01202-604011 0r 07968052219.