At MBC Bird & Pest Control, we work hard to deliver a quality, professional Pest control service; very often our customers are kind enough to pass comment on the positive outcome of using us to deal with their pest control problems around Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Here are just a few of the responses we have received having solved many, often challenging bird and pest control problems:

I phoned Tim after discovering a vixen and 5 cubs had made their nest under my utility room floor! My husband and I had tried everything we could think of to remove them, which had all failed. I can’t praise Tim and his co worker highly enough, they were both so patient, thorough, considerate and totally professional. They removed all of the foxes, and cleaned up as they worked. I would definitely recommend MBC to anyone with pests/vermin. Thank you very much for everything.
Sam (Bournemouth)

“I was put in touch with Tim Lester when I found a vixen and eight cubs were living in my garden and causing damage. Tim came as a member of MBC and I was soon aware of his professional and caring approach to the animals he had to deal with. There was a certain amount of opposition from neighbours when they realised that he needed to remove the foxes. Tim met their remarks with patience and respect, but was forceful when correcting their unlawful intentions. During all these stressful times I found his sympathy to me a great support. I hope I will not need his professional services in the future, but if need be, I should contact him again, & would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs his help.”
Domestic Customer, Wimborne, Dorset

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank MBC’s Tim and his staff for all the hard work and high level of service they have shown whilst carrying out contracted work with the Borough of Poole. The Pest control has been a very successful contract, to the extent that we have gone from being plagued by seagulls to none. This is entirely due to Tim’s staff’s hard work and diligence. Extra work undertaken, particularly the litter netting system, all has been to an excellent standard, and although a major undertaking, was done with the minimum fuss or disruption to the site. I am delighted to have found a company in MBC whereby once a job has been passed over, I can be confident that job will be done to the highest standard. I very much look forward to the Borough of Poole and MBC continuing to work together in the future.”
C. Squires, Site Manager.

“We were suffering a major rat infestation at the rear of our stable block situated in the courtyard of our home in the New forest; some friends recommended we use Tim Lester, of Lester Bird and Pest control, from Bournemouth, as they cover Dorset and Hampshire. Mr Lester attended the property promptly within an hour, he made several observations and offered a positive solution, we agreed to a course of intensive treatments which were applied straight away. Happy to say, our rat problem is no longer. We now have regular visits to monitor the situation and manage it. Tim and Mike are always willing to help with any problem and have also treated a wasp’s nest which was by my son’s bedroom window. Thanks.”
Home owner, Dee (New forest) Hampshire

“My Husband Dave is a keen gardener and was horrified when a mole had left unsightly mounds of earth on the grass and the flower borders; he immediately went and bought some mole traps to catch the culprit, after 4 months of trying he finally decided to call in a professional, through my work I came across Tim Lester from Bournemouth, who I realised from the logo on his shirt to be a pest control specialist. I asked if he could help us and he said “sure” later that same afternoon he called by and set his own traps leaving Dave’s in situ, the next day he came to check them and he had caught the mole. Unbelievably two weeks later there was another mound on the Lawn, we called MBC Pest control and Tim re visited to set the traps yet again. Two days later the second mole was caught, we would certainly like to thank him; he is truly a mole expert and would recommend his pest control skills to anyone who has a similar problem.”
Mrs T Bournemouth, Dorset.