Feral pigeon are extremely resilient and can be found worldwide and throughout the UK, It is commonly found in and around our towns, cities and most urban environments, it can also be found in rural areas around farm buildings. The species are descendants from the domesticated rock dove and the wild breeding population is supplemented by escapees from pigeon lofts and racing pigeons.


Many have the ability to breed all year round therefore population of flocks can reach large numbers rapidly.

Often referred to as a” flying rat” Pigeons have adapted well to the urban environment and prefer to roost under cover or in sheltered areas such as buildings, beneath bridges, dockyard pilings, old disused ships, roofs balconies and canopies, they deposit huge amounts of unsanitary droppings known as guano which carries serious health risks to man.

Often feral pigeons are attracted to an area by a food source. Traditionally pigeons’ food is grain, cereal and seeds; they frequent grain stores and terminals at docks where grain spillage can occur.

In urban areas they will eat all manner of discarded food.

Why control Pigeons?

Pigeon control, treatment and prevention is necessary for many reasons, most are associated to health risk and diseases, however other reasons relate to guano fouling, which carries many diseases, parasitic insects, unsightly mess and can cause acidic erosion to listed buildings, heritage sites.

Why choose MBC?

MBC Bird and Pest Solutions Bournemouth branch covers Southampton, Portsmouth and most areas of Dorset and Hampshire. We have gained knowledge from experience by actively carrying out pigeon control on huge commercial premises such as dockyards, oil refineries, MOD warships, warehouses, factories, aircraft hangars, residential properties and old disused breweries, prior to re construction.

We have a team of specially trained falcons and hawks at our disposal and all live predatory is kept in house without the need to sub contract.

In addition we are fully trained in pigeon trapping techniques, bird free gel application and full deterrent pigeon proofing methods, using netting, sprung wire and pigeon spikes.

What to do next

If you are suffering with pigeon control problems we offer a free site survey and no obligation quotation to provide advice and recommendations to help you control and manage nuisance birds. We also provide a guano removal service, high pressure cleaning and disinfection treatments.

We offer a fast response service and will arrange a same day visit .There is no call out charge and all completed work is guaranteed.

Contact us on our Bournemouth branch which covers Southampton, Portsmouth and all areas of Dorset, Hampshire and the South West.

Telephone 0800 612 5211 or 01202 604011 (24 hour advice on 07968 052219) or Email Us for more information

All of our bird and pest technicians hold the BPCA Level 2 certificate in Pest control and cover, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and provide all aspects of bird or pest control services throughout Dorset and Hampshire provinces.