Bird Proofing Installations & Bird Prevention Services

MBC Bird and Pest Solutions based in Bournemouth have installed Bird Proofing and Netting systems to many Iconic and listed buildings in Southampton, Portsmouth and the home counties of Dorset and Hampshire. As leading bird control specialists you can be assured that we will install all bird proofing to the highest standards possible and give you a guarantee to go with it.

Bird proofing when installed correctly is a guaranteed exclusion zone and area to all nuisance birds specific to the installation – Pigeons, Gulls, Corvids (Crow family) and Starlings are the main species to proof against, sparrows, house martins and swallows can become a nuisance under the eaves and soffits of buildings and Proofing is also possible for these species. If left unchecked they will continue to create mess and possible damage, requiring costly cleaning or maintenance time and time again, year in and year out. Bird species and their habits vary, so it becomes necessary to apply the right proofing solution in the correct way and specific to the species concerned. There are many types of bird proofing systems available and each has its own particular advantages or disadvantages for any given situation. Each bird proofing system needs to be species-specific to be successful, we understand exactly how the birds will react to any installation and therefore have the upper hand when it comes to providing the correct installation.

Bird Pressures!

Birds use different areas of buildings for different purposes either, resting, roosting, nesting or just to gain dominant positions over feed areas. The different purposes have an impact on the pressures and use of an area, to determine the methods required to eliminate the problem.

  • Light pressure is easy to bird proof and almost any system will suffice
  • medium pressure shows a number of birds present at any one time and more persistent to move or deter, this requires a more detailed system and inclusion of a number of methods
  • Heavy pressure is obviously the most difficult to proof and usually means the fixing of nets, spikes and a varied combination of wire or gel systems in different locations of the building or structure.

Why choose MBC Bird and Pest Solutions?

MBC Bird and Pest Solutions are Expert in each of the Bird Proofing methods available and happy to give a free survey and quotation to install:

  • Bird netting
  • Bird wire
  • Sprung wire and post
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird deterrent gels
  • Avishock- electronic pulse systems
  • Combination systems of any of the above
  • Specialist noise, visual and combined installations to suit individual needs

Our professional team of bird control experts will provide a free survey to measure bird pressure throughout your site and provide advice and recommendations tailored to your particular business and environment.

Some of our installations

We have carried out many detailed and iconic Bird Proofing installations to many buildings and structures throughout Dorset and Hampshire including Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Some of these are listed below:

  • Marwell Zoo – walk in aviary- netted to keep birds in
  • Clock Tower- HMS Nelson, HMNB Portsmouth- netted windows, bird spiking and sprung wire to prevent pigeons, high pressure
  • Clock Tower- grade 1 listed at Heritage centre HMNB Portsmouth sprung wire, netting and some Avishock – Medium pressure
  • Carnival cruise building against Gulls- Avishock system fitted to parapets- medium pressure
  • Old Fire Station- HMNB Portsmouth- fully netted and spiked-high pressure
  • Marwell Zoo – Sun Conure enclosure- special stainless steel mesh to keep birds in
  • HMS Invincible – HMNB Portsmouth, netted docking ports following guano cleaning- high pressure
Plus many others on mothballed warships, rooftops, chimneys, farm buildings, bridges, grain stores, delivery canopies, pubs, hotels and marinas.

To talk your local MBC bird control expert or book a free survey call us on 0800-612-5211 or Bournemouth office 01202-604011 or emergency Tim Lester- mobile 07968052219.

Our promise

We can provide you with any bird proofing installation suitable to prevent an infestation of pest birds to your site, once installation is complete we can assure you that it will be a 100% bird free zone specific to the pest species concerned and furthermore we will guarantee our installation against faulty materials and workmanship.