As a local company covering Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Portsmouth and all other areas of Dorset and Hampshire, we are able help get rid of your mice infestation by providing:

  • Fast, reliable same day service, 2 hour response time, to attend to your bird or pest problem/enquiry
  • free call out and site survey
  • Contract or non-contract pest control for commercial customers offering bespoke packages to assist with your mouse problems
  • Discreet Service unmarked vans for sensitive pest problems
  • All work completed by BPCA qualified technicians and guaranteed

What is a mouse?

A mouse is a small rodent with grey/brown fur, Mice are omnivorous and are adaptable to local environments and food sources but generally in rural environments they prefer to eat grain, cereals and seeds, they consume an average of 2-3 grams of food per day. They have no need to drink water and can obtain sufficient moisture from their food, unlike rats, which need to drink. Mice generally live up to a year old, can reach sexual maturity between six to eight weeks and have up to eight litters within a year, with the average litter consisting of about five offspring it is not difficult to see how easily they can infest.

Who is affected by mice?

Mice infestations can affect anyone at anytime whether it is in your home or business premises,

They carry with them disease and parasites and by urinating or leaving faecal deposits over surfaces can expose you to risks, which can affect health, endanger or have adverse affects on your business reputation.

What are the signs should I look for?

Often the first clear evidence of mice presence is the discovery of partially eaten, spilt or hoarded food, damage to food packaging or signs of gnawing to furnishings and stock. Sightings of live or dead mice would indicate an infestation is active or imminent. A good indication of a large infestation is mice being seen frequently during the day or that their environment has been recently disturbed. Mice droppings are small, between 3-7 mm in length, black in colour, and resemble a spindle shape similar to a grain of rice. In loft infestations there are usually tell tale signs on top of the insulation material, however this requires professional identification as the droppings could be associated to bats. If you suspect that you have a mouse infestation then feel free to contact us immediately. We can offer advice, free surveys and help rid you of mice.

What is the treatment for mice?

We offer a variety of solutions for your mouse problem dependent on the level of infestation. This can range from extensive baiting with potent rodent bait contained in fixed bait stations to mouse traps or environmentally conscious solutions. All of our technicians are experienced in mouse control and will provide a free risk assessment survey and recommend the most suitable treatment applicable to your situation.

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