MBC Bird and Pest Solutions were called by a Community School in Portsmouth, Hampshire, to evaluate the potential of using falcons and hawks to disperse hundreds of scavenging gulls from their playgrounds and sports field during break times and just after.

The problem was due to the children dropping food during the breaks and marauding gulls descending to pick up the obvious food source; unfortunately it became a health and safety issue after excrement from the Seagulls was actually hitting the children and staff, also the constant splattering of staff vehicles with guano and faecal deposits became too much to contemplate on a daily basis.

Following the free survey, MBC bird and pest Solutions were awarded the contract to rid the school from the gull problem, we now provide daily visits to the school deploying various methods of bird control, ranging from flying live falcons and hawks to maintaining the situation with other proven visual and noise deterrents. The School are amazed at the success of the program and comment regularly to our technicians on how much better it is at break times without the gulls. MBC provide a 24 hour callout and emergency service to deal with all pest control problems in the Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth areas.

If your school, college, factory, leisure facility or business is being plagued by seagulls, then contact us for a free survey and quotation to deal with your pest problem, promptly.

If you require out of hour’s emergency pest or bird control? Our 24 hour service is available through our direct contact no 07968 052219.