Fleas can affect almost anyone by transmission from infested areas to business premises, fleas are attracted to body heat and consequently are often transported by unsuspecting host to almost any new location, which could be your business premises. Fleas lay eggs at an alarming rate and it is not long before an infestation can become apparent in your schools, business premises, shops, hotels and holiday parks, this can cause severe problems with staff and customers getting covered in flea bites and the possibilities of spreading them further.

Flea Control

What is a flea?

Fleas are from the order siphonoptera – they are a patristic insect and feed from mammalian blood including humans, all adult fleas are wingless, flattened laterally and vary in colour. The adult flea will usually emerge from the pupa but remain within the cocoon until stimulated by some mechanical vibration of a potential host, walking into a long vacated house may still result in an unwanted flea infestation due to the activation of dormant pupae and adults.

How can fleas affect your home or business?

  • People in the household getting bitten and irritation
  • Pets and animals continually scratching
  • Potential re infestation if not treated properly
  • Loss of customer confidence
  • Loss of your hard earned reputation

A serious flea control problem may take weeks to eradicate, we use highly residual insecticides formulated to deal specifically with fleas.

Typical flea infestations can affect Schools, retail businesses, rental properties, business premises or any location where there is a high volume of potential host carriers.

What’s the solution?

The only way to effectively get rid of fleas is by seeking a professional flea treatment carried out by a trained technician who, after carrying out a free risk assessment, will recommend a suitable treatment to resolve your flea problem. All MBC Bird and Pest technicians are trained and our work is guaranteed, so you can be confident that our flea treatment will eradicate your flea problem professionally under BPCA guidelines using certificated staff.

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