Fox control and removal, Bournemouth Dorset 24/04/2014

MBC Bird and Pest Solutions were called by a householder in Bournemouth, Dorset to remove foxes from below her decking; the foxes were 5 cubs and a vixen which was showing early stages of mange. Tim Lester visited the property to carry out a free survey and advised that it was not going to be an easy task as the foxes had gone back 35 metres and were actually under the utility room floor, previously the clients had attempted to capture the foxes for 2 weeks prior to MBC Bird and Pest Solutions getting involved.

After sound advice had been given and an investigation camera inserted beneath the footings a plan was implicated to remove all six as swiftly as possible. First step was to set live catch traps in strategic positions close to the entrance and exit holes, specialist techniques were used to try and push the foxes from beneath the floor, however because of the distance this was not possible to achieve from the outside looking in and another approach was needed. Tim Suggested lifting the carpet and cutting a hole in the floor, initially this idea was turned down by the client as it was a major upheaval, the MBC technicians managed to find another small hole under part of the decking to enable insertion of an endoscope camera which recorded a video of the foxes beneath the floor.
Measurements were taken from that point and the best position was calculated to cut a hole to enable access to the den, Tim gave a guarantee that he would be successful and any mess or damage would be repaired at the cost of MBC and if not successful the client would not be charged at all for the work.

Once agreed to proceed the flooring was carefully rolled back and a hole 18 inches square was cut into the floor, unbelievably the stench was unbearable, as soon as a light was applied the vixen left the den, she entered a set cage trap and was captured, two of the cubs were caught by hand under the floor, the other three moved out to the decking area, The hole was blocked to prevent the cubs getting back under the floor, we then used the other cage to catch the cubs one by one as they crept out from the exit hole.

MBC technicians removed most of the fouling, dead animals and rotting foodstuff from beneath the floor and carried out disinfection and insect treatments before replacing the floor boards to the complete satisfaction of the client. All foxes were removed humanely from the premises. See testimonial from Sam Taylor.

Our delighted client said…

I phoned Tim after discovering a vixen and 5 cubs had made their nest under my utility room floor! My husband and I had tried everything we could think of to remove them, which had all failed. I can’t praise Tim and his co worker highly enough, they were both so patient, thorough, considerate and totally professional. They removed all of the foxes, and cleaned up as they worked. I would definitely recommend MBC to anyone with pests/vermin. Thank you very much for everything.
Sam (Bournemouth)

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Foxes can be noisy, messy, create unpleasant smells and carry disease, MBC are experts in the control of fox in both urban and rural situations, we provide a complete range of fox deterrent products, fox proofing, live trapping, also dead fox removal and spot cleaning services.

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