Marwell Zoo, Aviary Bird Netting.

For once we are trying to keep birds in as opposed to out, Tim Lester, Director of MBC Bird and Pest Solutions, Dorset and Hampshire was once again called in to Marwell Zoo, this time to net a Parrot Aviary which was to house Sun Conures.

The inquisitive Parrots could easily peck through traditional nylon netting and the zoo had concerns about them escaping. Tim was asked to provide his bird proofing expertise to install a new netting system for the enclosure. The recommended solution was to install a 25 millimetre stainless steel mesh net to stop the parrots chewing through, as well as preventing other birds from entering the enclosure.

Bird Netting Installations are designed to prevent nuisance birds entering areas to avoid causing a nuisance and mess, traditionally netting is made of polypropylene or nylon, The netting is suitable for use in areas where there are large populations (high pressure) of nuisance birds; where the birds are highly motivated to return either for breeding, nesting or roosting this is 100% effective when installed correctly and will exclude birds for the long-term. Bird netting is one of the most flexible bird control solutions available and is ideal for courtyards, rooftop air-conditioning and frontages or inside hangers and industrial warehouses. All of our netting installations are provided with a 2 year guarantee.

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Note: This case study is relevant to Lester Bird and Pest solutions Ltd whilst working under license as an NBC franchise, owned and operated by Tim Lester. Before de-branding 2013