A local Hampshire Management Company that looks after vulnerable people in the area called in Tim Lester, the NBC branch manager for bird, pest, and wildlife management in Portsmouth to deal with a Fox problem.

The vixen and 5 cubs were in a den beneath the shed and decking; they were doing a lot of damage in the garden and distressing the disabled occupant. Tim attended the premises after giving a free survey and quotation to deal with the problem, a plan of action was implemented and a series of nets were positioned professionally around the shed to prevent any escape, in addition areas were weld meshed to guide the foxes into a one way door to enable him to live trap the foxes quickly and efficiently.

The Management Company were very happy with Tim’s work and the professional manner in which it was carried out.

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Note: This case study is relevant to Lester Bird and Pest solutions Ltd whilst working under license as an NBC franchise, owned and operated by Tim Lester. Before de- branding 2013