Mole Madness in Dorset

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Moles have definitely been the pest of the month for us at MBC Bird and Pest, such was the demand we had to invest in a whole new batch of different mole traps to cover the areas ranging from domestic gardens to large estates, golf courses and sports facilities, much of the work also came from farms where lambing is due to take place, farmers are worried about the spread of listeria to cattle and sheep from the contamination regularly found in mole hill soil, this becomes particularly bad when the grass is cut for silage and fed to the Animals, the disease can kill them, also once infected the silage has to be destroyed usually amounting to a substantial cost and lack of animal fodder.

MBC Bird and Pest technicians are trained in the art of traditional mole trapping and in extreme cases phosphine gassing has been used, we are unsure as to the overall success of gassing and therefore prefer to use the traditional method which has less detrimental impact on the environment. We have many traps in operation, ranging from scissor types, and some other variations such as the dufus or more recently the trapline and no mol have been added to our range to ensure the perfect trap for different depths and soil types.

One customer in Bournemouth had us visit 4 times in the month to catch 4 moles after they just kept moving in and causing unsightly mess to her pristine and well cultured cottage gardens.

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