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MBC Bird and Pest Solutions is probably one of a few pest control companies in Dorset and Hampshire who actually specialise in wildlife management along with the many other professional services we offer. We’re lucky to live in a Country enriched with natural beauty and an abundance of nature; unfortunately there are times when conflict can arise between us and the creatures living on the planet. When this happens some form of control or management becomes necessary, in these circumstances it is always better to seek professional guidance whereby you can have the confidence that we will manage the situation ethically whilst remaining focused on the objective.

As with every type of wildlife control problem there can be sensitive issues surrounding it, our technicians are trained to offer the best solution to each problem whether it’s from unsightly mole hills, foxes living in your garden and creating havoc, or rabbits, deer and badgers eating your plants or digging up the grass MBC Bird and Pest Have the solution.
Initially we offer a free survey of your property to determine the most suitable methods available whether it is scaring, proofing, deterrents or removal.

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Why MBC Bird and Pest

Simply because we happen to know what we are talking about, all of our staff has a background of working in the countryside and dealing with animals such as foxes, deer, badgers, moles, squirrels, rabbits and mink. All of wildlife managers hold firearms licenses; have BDS qualifications and full training in exclusion, trapping, shooting and deterrent methods we have full knowledge of legislation relating to wildlife management and the procedures of dealing with Injured, trapped or pest animals in compliance with

  1. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
  2. The Animal Welfare Act 2006
  3. The Protection of Badgers Act 1992
  4. The deer Act 1991
  5. All other Acts and Code of practices from official professional organisations and associations.

By employing us to deal with your wildlife issues you have peace of mind that whatever the problem it will be handled humanely, professionally, ethically and legally.

What Animals does this include?

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MBC Wildlife Conservation

It’s not all about eradicating pests – Lester Bird and Pest carries out conservation work.

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