Rabbits do cause major damage to crops, businesses and infrastructure these are just a few of the rabbit problems that affect businesses especially on golf courses, farms, smallholdings and homes, however we have experienced them in prisons, factory grounds airports and power stations. They have voracious appetites and vigorous breeding habits. They are able to breed from approximately 4 months of age and produce 4-5 litters of approximately 5 to 8 young each year, looking at these statistics it’s easy to see how a rabbit population can explode out of control and leave behind a trail of destruction.

What’s the solution?

We employ a number of methods for rabbit control such as long netting, ferreting, trapping or gassing amongst others. MBC technicians will often select a combination of methods available to control and manage the rabbit problem and provide the right solution however bad the situation may seem. During treatment we take care to ensure that our rabbit control methods don’t impact on the environment or other wildlife and prefer to use natural methods whenever possible.

If you have a rabbit problem then contact us to arrange a free site survey, upon instruction this will followed by a fast and effective control and management programme suited to each individual case.

How can rabbits affect your business?

  • Loss and damage to crops in agricultural areas
  • Soil erosion caused by removal of vegetation
  • Undermining of buildings and premises
  • Damage to amenity grassland such as golf courses park and estates
  • Tree bark damage generally ringing and killing it
  • There is a legal obligation under The Pests Act 1954 for every occupier of land to prevent rabbit damage on neighbouring land

Typical areas of control

MBC Bird and Pest Solutions covers farms, fisheries, golf courses, bowling greens, racecourses, manicured lawns of hotels and estates etc these are all prime targets for rabbit habitation with agricultural land being the hardest hit by crop damage, the damage caused by rabbits can run into millions of pounds each year.

Do you have a rabbit problem? Contact us for a solution or advice on 01202-604011 or 07968052219