Winchester Bird Proofing Against Feral Pigeons

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MBC Bird and Pest Solutions were called by a building firm that were looking for a reliable contractor to provide bird proofing efficiently and at a reasonable cost, they had previously approached several pest control companies to proof a simple stairway and gantry structure in Winchester, Hampshire. The company felt they were being quoted exaggerated prices and unable to compete for bird proofing work to complete their clients requirements.

After seeing an MBC marketing campaign they approached us for a proposal to proof this stairway and gantry and around air conditioning units which were being infested with roosting pigeons, our quote was the most competitive and the work has now been undertaken and completed.

Following the success of the netting installation MBC are now the approved suppliers of all the building firms proofing work. The partnership enables the two companies to offer a complete service to their customers at an acceptable cost. MBC Bird and Pest Solutions Ltd can provide all types of bird proofing, ranging from complex bird netting, bird spiking, sprung wire, bird gel, and avishock systems. In many bird proofing installations a combination of methods may be required to achieve total exclusion. We provide a full free survey for all bird proofing enquiries.

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