Seagulls can be a real nuisance outside of their natural environment; they are increasingly adapting to living in urban populations and can affect homes and businesses all year round if not controlled.

They are more likely to be considered a pest during the nesting season between late March and August when the colonies seek out suitable nest sites, such as house rooftops, flat factory roofs or disused buildings, once established they will continue to return each year as the survival rate of rearing offspring is far greater than on a cliff top overlooking the sea. They are also attracted by local food sources such as nearby landfill sites, food factories, discarded takeaways or school playgrounds where food is readily thrown down.

Who can they affect?

Lester Bird and pest solutions based in Bournemouth covered the BH, SO, and PO postcodes whilst under franchise license to a major bird control company, during that time we dealt with gull and pest control problems on many different scales and locations along the South Coast, these were both domestic and commercial clients in Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and local areas.

Some of the Sites affected by gulls

  • Car sales showrooms, Bournemouth.
  • Hotels, Bournemouth
  • Pharmaceutical factory, Portsmouth.
  • Oil refinery, Fawley, Southampton.
  • HMNB Portsmouth.
  • Builders Merchants, Portsmouth.
  • Dock lands, Southampton.
  • Many residential Homes, Dorset and Hampshire.
  • Old disused brewery, Dorchester.
  • Airports, Dorset and Hampshire

The main problems associated to gull colonies varies on each location and type of gull to be controlled, the main species being the Herring gull, Black backed gull and the lesser black backed gull all of which like to nest on rooftops some colonies can be very large and create many problems which identifies them as a pest.

Problems encountered

  • Noise, both day and night
  • Blocked gutters due to nest material, water ingression
  • Guano splatter on sides of buildings
  • Aerial attacks on pedestrians, home owners, employees, children, domestic animals
  • Health and safety risks
  • Disease and parasitic insects
  • Costly insurance claims
  • Business reputation
  • Complaints from residents

Why can we control them?

All birds are protected by law, and can only be controlled by the issue of a general license granted from Natural England. MBC bird control experts are permitted to deal with nuisance birds under “general Licence” conditions. A general licence enables our bird control operatives to carry out a range of prohibited activities against the species of wild birds listed on the licence. Any bird control activities must be carried out humanely, ethically and legally.

Bird Control Law and Protected Bird Species

Central to any bird control activity is the Natural England administered Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981).

This states that subject to the provisions of Part 1 (a-c) of the Act, a person(s) shall be guilty of an offence if they intentionally;

Legislation Quote

  • (a) Kill, injure or take any wild bird
  • (aa) Take damage or destroy the nest of a wild bird included in Schedule ZA1
  • (b) Take damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built, or;
  • (c) Take or destroy an egg of any wild bird

Why use MBC to help solve your gull problem?

There have been many amendments to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and there are different variations throughout Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland although the core principal is the same. As leading bird and pest control experts we are able to provide clear advice on current legislation at all times, and should your species not be covered under general license conditions, we can apply for a specific license to be issued on your behalf.

If you are unfortunate to experience gull problems on domestic, commercial or residential properties, we can provide you with many options to solve your pest control or gull problem throughout Bournemouth, Southampton or Portsmouth areas. Postcodes: SO, PO, BH, and SP.

We will provide you with a free survey of your site; a comprehensive report and detailed quotation to enable you deal with the situation quickly and professionally.

Contact us on our Bournemouth branch which covers Southampton, Portsmouth and all areas of Dorset, Hampshire and the South West. Tel 01202 604011 or 07968 052219 or email us for more information