Fox trapping in Bournemouth

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MBC Bird and Pest Solutions has been awarded an ongoing fox control contract to manage urban foxes for a group of sporting complexes throughout the county of Dorset. The company that manages bowling greens, cricket pitches, golf clubs and other select sports fields was beginning to sustain serious and costly damage to the grass in various locations.

Several pest control companies surveyed the work and submitted proposals; they were all varied and priced accordingly. MBC are fox specialists and the only one to come up with a full range of methods to control the animals, in addition we were the only company to suggest CCTV monitoring to protect against capture of non target species and the inclusion of on line and MMS sending to alert when a trap had been activated, allowing us to respond within 30 minutes to release non targets or attend to captured foxes. Huntsim was the favourite system and the programme was loaded onto the technician’s laptops and mobile phones, each device is attached to the trap and set with a unique fob ensuring the unit can be monitored 24/7 and not switched off by illegal trap tampering, it also has a link to a mapping system allowing it to be tracked via its own system online. Our online CCTV stealth cameras have the same MMS capabilities and can be monitored from a mobile device which has helped to deter public interference.

To date the work has been wholly successful and the client has given referrals to other potential clients and users on our behalf. All non target species are released un harmed.

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