Bournemouth School Faces Gull dilemma

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A local school close to Bournemouth has taken on our live predatory response bird control using falcons to rid them of marauding Herring Gulls, which have suddenly appeared over the past few months.

The gulls have been sitting on the roofs continuously, making a lot of noise and the usual mess associated with a gull colony; however the main reason is to reduce the unacceptable health risks posed by the airborne pests. They have been swooping on the pupils during breaks and excreting faecal deposits which carry harmful bacteria and other potential diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

The School is also worried that the colony could decide to nest on the roofs during the summer causing additional problems.

MBC were approached because of our experience and knowledge of UK bird problems, a comprehensive survey report and proposal was submitted and accepted earlier this week.

As MBC are a specialist bird control company, we have to be fully aware of the legal requirements of bird control and recognise the importance of health and safety as a major issue for every business.

All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 as well as other supporting Acts. The conditions of the licence can only be considered where the species is causing conflict with conservation or human interests.

We have volunteered to give an educational insight to the pupils and a formal introduction to the methods we will be using, together with the different birds of prey we use for bird control.

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