Avi Shock Bird Proofing job in Bridport, Dorset.

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MBC Bird proofing team have been awarded a contract to proof against gulls on this extensive residential home in Bridport, Dorset. The house has recently undergone major refurbishment and extension. Last year during the building works we were called to the property to assist roofers after nesting gulls decided to attack them relentlessly, the new owners became concerned earlier this year when the two pairs of gulls returned to the property obviously with the intent to nest again. With the nesting season due to start around March it is important to install the new Avi Shock system soon, however the weather has delayed the installation to some extent, we are hoping for a dry spell shortly to enable us to complete the work for the anxious client.

Avi Shock is a clever concept from the USA which consists of a rubber track with a positive and negative strip enclosed within, the track is affixed to the exposed ridges and vulnerable areas where the gulls are likely to walk or land on, an electric 12 volt pulse similar to an electric fence harmlessly shocks the birds when the live is earthed out, fooling them to consider the whole roof as a no go zone. Because of extremely low amperage the birds are not killed or injured in any way and encouraged to nest elsewhere.

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